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It’s estimated that up to 45% of children are born with ear deformities, which may affect appearance, hearing, and development. Experienced pediatrician Laleh Rezaei, MD, at Complete Pediatrics and Specialty Care in New Albany, Indiana, offers nonsurgical ear molding to treat congenital ear deformities in newborn babies. To learn more about the innovative treatment, contact the office by phone or book online today.

Ear Molding Q & A

What are congenital ear deformities?

Congenital ear deformities are ear anatomy abnormalities that develop while your baby is in the womb. The deformities may lead to health complications that affect appearance, hearing, or development. 

Though some ear deformities resolve on their own as your child grows, others require medical intervention, which may include nonsurgical ear molding.

What is ear molding?

Ear molding is a nonsurgical treatment offered at Complete Pediatrics and Specialty Care to manage congenital ear deformities. To correct the abnormality, the pediatric practice uses the InfantEar™ System, which is a device made of a soft moldable material that’s placed in and around your baby’s ear to correct the deformity.

Complete Pediatrics and Specialty Care recommends ear molding be done within the first two weeks of life. Your baby’s newborn ears have high levels of maternal estrogen, which you pass to your baby during birth. The estrogen makes your baby’s ears more moldable, which means a better response to the nonsurgical ear molding.

Is my newborn a good candidate for ear molding?

Your provider examines your newborn to determine if they’re a good candidate for nonsurgical ear molding. The innovative treatment can fix most congenital ear abnormalities and is covered by health insurance. 

What is the ear molding process like?

Nonsurgical ear molding is a simple and painless in-office procedure. Placement of the InfantEar includes:

  • Removing hair behind the ear and cleaning of the area
  • Positioning of the base plate around the outer ear
  • Selecting the conformer
  • Securing the rim piece
  • Applying the molding material
  • Securing with a head beanie

Your newborn wears the InfantEar device for 2-3 weeks, and then you return to the office for an evaluation. If your baby’s ear deformity isn’t completely corrected, a new InfantEar device is placed and the process is repeated until your child’s deformity resolves.

However, in most cases, when performed within the first two weeks of your newborn's life, only one round of InfantEar is needed to correct the congenital ear deformity.

To schedule a consultation to discuss nonsurgical ear molding for your newborn, call Complete Pediatrics and Specialty Care or book an appointment online today.